Children's Diet: The Importance of Healthy Eating
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Children's Diet: The Importance of Healthy Eating

Healthy eating habit is not only a need for the adults but also for the children. In fact, children need more healthy foods because they are in the growing stage of life. Children’s diet should be including fresh fruits and vegetables so that they can get essential nutrients. Avoid giving them junk foods, fried foods and high fat foods. Find out more about children’s diet and healthy eating.

The importance of fruits and vegetables is very well known. It is a need for our body and a vital part of children’s diet. A balanced diet is a must for the growing children, so that they can have all the important and essential nutrients. It is extremely important to give children foods that are adequate enough to support their development and provide ideal energy. Children’s diet should be low in fats (saturated and trans), cholesterol and excess salt and sugar. Vegetables and fruits are the best sources of essential vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. Colourful fruits and vegetables play vital roles in children’s diet. These nutritious foods help immensely in the growth of the children and also, reduce the risk of developing any serious disease when they grow older.

Children’s diet must have variety of fruits and vegetables; in this way children can get all the essential nutrients. It is also important to add some calories to children’s diet to maintain healthy weight. High fiber fruit is also very important for the children. Regular intake of fish is necessary in children’s diet as well. Fish will provide protein and onega-3 fatty acids, which are very important for the growing children.

According to the American Heart Association, healthy eating among infants, children and adolescents is a must to avoid cardiovascular health problems in the later stage of their life. Give your children lots vegetables and fruits, rich in Vitamin A, B Vitamins, Vitamin C and folate. Vitamin K and phytonutrients are also equally important for children’s health. Offer children fruits and vegetables in a variety of colours. Fresh raw fruits and vegetables are excellent for their health. Encourage them to eat more salads. Also, encourage to eat children whole fruits rather fruit juices because fruit juices are not as nutritious as the whole fruits. You must include different types of fruits and vegetables to children’s diet. Fruits and vegetables can be very healthy snacks. Avoid fried and fatty foods as much as possible. Do not give children potato chips, fruit bars and packaged fruit juices. These are extremely unhealthy for their health.

Offer your children n a variety of fruit and vegetables every day. Always look for the fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables. It is important to build a healthy eating habit among the children. To build that habit, parents should have proper knowledge about the benefits of fruits and vegetables in children’s diet. It is the responsibly of the parents to promote healthy eating habits in the children.

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Comments (3)

Interesting subject matter.  Plus you explained how important healthy diet for childrenis.  tweeted.

I have seen lots of children alienated with veggies and fruits, great article.

Interesting topic.Every mom's need to know this information.

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