Food Allergies in Children
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Food Allergies in Children

Good Restaurants if you have a food allergy. Good resources if you have a food allergy

Being a parent to a child with a severe food allergy is a little overwhelming at first, and quite terrifying. However, with some research and some effort, you can ensure that your child is eating safely. I am a mother whose son is severely allergic to eggs. So much so, that if you eat an egg, you have to brush your teeth before you can kiss him. Knowing how severe his allergy was, I made our house completely egg free and changed the way I cook to accommodate his needs. I understand this is not always possible depending on what the allergy is, but there are steps you can take to feel better about the food your child is eating.

The top eight most common food allergens are egg, dairy, fish, shellfish, peanut, tree nut, soy, and wheat. If you have a child with any of these allergies, you may find yourself going crazy just thinking about going to the grocery store. But you don’t have to. Relax, and take a deep breath. Most important is that you learn how to read the ingredient labels on everything that you buy. For the majority of foods, at the bottom of the ingredients is the list of any of the eight major allergens that may be contained in that product. This is really helpful because with just a quick glance you can determine if it is a “safe food” for your child or not. There are only a few products that you may have to read the entire ingredients to determine if it contains the allergen. One thing you have to be careful of when reading ingredients labels is to check if the product has been processed in the same facility as any of the eight major allergens. This should also be written at the bottom of the ingredient list in bold letters.

Another point of stress to a parent of a child with a food allergy is eating out. This is not always easy. Not every restaurant has an allergen information menu, so those places are best to just avoid. You are unable to ensure that the food your child is eating will not come into contact with anything that they are allergic to, or whether it contains anything potentially harmful. However, there are some restaurants that have a great allergen menu or an ingredient list and I actually feel safe taking my child there to eat, knowing that they take his food allergy as seriously as I do. I have found that the following restaurants or fast food chains are “food allergy friendly” and provide the information necessary for an allergy free meal.

The important thing to know is that you are not alone. There are many children with food allergies, and once you learn where and what they can eat, it really becomes a lot easier. There are also many websites that you can refer to with further allergy information. I have found the following websites to be particularly helpful:


It’s important that, if you think your child has a food allergy, you take your child to an allergist to be tested. If they are severely allergic, the doctor can give you a prescription for an Epipen, which is an Epinephrine injection is used to treat life-threatening allergic reactions. This could mean the difference between life and death for your child. And always be sure to keep Benadryl on hand! This can help as a first line of defense with minor allergic irritations.

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